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Eco your life

Living in the west we are faced with the ever-growing predicament of capitalism vs the planet. There are some decisions which seem like we are choosing the lesser of two evils. I am so passionate about looking mother earth I have scouted the easiest swaps we can make to help the cause.

Shampoo bars and soap bars

I went into my bathroom one day and was shocked about the amount of plastic. Shampoo, conditioner, soap and face wash. I have now gone to a bar version for all of these and @lush Cheltenham is where I choose to go.

The plastic version is the norm for most households, and I want that to change. Bring back the bars is what I say! Lush have a great range of toiletries in bar form. From face cleanser to conditioner. This is your one stop shop.

Reusable water bottles

I'm so guilty for loving sparkling water. Soda stream offers a more viable way by reducing the amount of single use plastic. The cheapest you can get as a bundle direct is £90. If you drank 1 bottle of water a day for just 3 months, then you've made your money back. There's mega discount on the gas if you take your old ones back too. And hey, if you don't want it sparkling then just carry around a reusable bottle. Stay hydrated kids!

Clothes swap and 2nd hand clothes

Fast fashion is killing the planet and not to mention low paid labour in less developed economies. We have the power to make a real difference. The only thing I buy new is underwear and it last me years. I'm always one for getting hand me downs from friends but clothes swaps are a great way to refresh your wardrobe for free. I took in 42 items to the lush Cheltenham store and came out with 21 new items.

Make up wipes

I stopped using disposable wipes a long time ago. They clog drains and rivers. Make up can be taken off easily taken off using super soft cotton pads. There are so many local places you can go but I use this lovely lady. Highly recommended.

Reusable coffee cup and cutlery

Food markets are AMAZING. Food, smells. So much to tantalise the senses. The waste however is an unnecessary evil. I normally carry a backpack with me anyway so what I do now is carry an empty Tupperware, fork, knife and spoon. (and the water bottle and coffee cup) I have everything I need to keep me sustained throughout the day and saving the planet one plastic fork at a time.

Moon cup and fabric pads

This one is most likely just for the ladies but anyone who menstruates. Did you know its normal to use 1-7 plastic pads during one cycle? That's up to 84 a year and based on being 20 to 40 that’s 1680 plastic sanitary pads you are contributing to the waste issue. The moon cup has been a game changer for me. It’s taken a lot of time to get the folding right but it's comfortable

I have highlighted 6 easy changes we can all make to have a huge impact on our planet. Convenience is no longer an acceptable excuse. We all know the damage we are doing. The question is, what will you change?

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